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    This is your road to opportunities and possibilities! We aim to put the Deaf community on the map and we want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to support and serve the communities all over the world.

    In order to build a meaningful relationship with you and your organization/business, we are committed to the following target areas that will receive priority sponsorship consideration:

    • Diversity
    • Deaf Children
    • Deaf Education
    • Arts & Culture
    • Deaf Community
    • And more!

    The target areas above are utterly important to Route 66 Promotions and what we look to sponsor in initiatives and programs.

    Please note Route 66 Promotions is unable to sponsor: 

    • Opportunities that will occur in less than a month from the date of the sponsorship request
    • Politically sensitive or controversial matters
    • Religious associations
    • Content of a violent or dangerous nature
    • Content that negatively impacts the value of our brand

    Each request that comes in will go through an evaluation and receive a response from us. We appreciate your patience during this time. 

    You may reach us at contact@route66promo.com to make a sponsorship request.